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Terms Of services


These Terms and Conditions set out the terms of the agreement between you and MPN Designs. By using our web-site you unreservedly accept these Terms and Conditions, including our Privacy Policy, and you agree that your use of our web-site, including any purchase of goods from us, is subject to the terms thereof. 

These Terms and Conditions cannot be varied without our written consent. We may update these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the current version will always be shown on the Terms and Conditions page of our web-site. We encourage you to read these Terms and Conditions, and contact us if you have any particular questions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, you must not use our web-site in any manner.


We will not be liable if for any reason our web-site is unavailable at any time or for any period. From time to time, we may need to restrict access to our web-site (wholly or partly). 

You are responsible for making all arrangements necessary for your own access to our web-site. You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons who access our web-site through your Internet connection are aware of these Terms and Conditions, and that they comply with them.


Additional Charge means expenses incurred by the Supplier, at the Customer's request or reasonably required as a result of the Customer's conduct.

Business Day means a day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday in Ontario,Canada.

Customer means the person identified on an Order as the customer.

Goods means any goods supplied by the Supplier.

 SPECIAL OFFERS (e.g. Free shipping)

Terms and conditions for all current special offers are published on this page.


Terms and conditions for all current competitions and promotions are published on this page. 
All start/end times published are as at the applicable local time for Ontario, Canada.


MPN Designs is a shopping web-site for members and visitors. Membership is free, and you become a member by creating an account at MPN Designs and completing your first order. By joining or visiting MPN Designs via our web-site you warrant that you are at least 18 years of age, and are able to form legally binding contracts.  We reserve the right to decline an application for membership or cancel a membership at our sole discretion and without giving any reasons. Members may not have more than one active account. You are responsible for all activity on your account and for maintaining the security of your password. We are not liable for any losses caused by someone else using your account. If you believe someone else has accessed your account, you must tell us immediately.


From time to time MPN Designs will offer discounts for members. It is your responsibility to login to your account to be able to redeem your discounts. If you have any difficulty accessing your account or redeeming your membership account, please contact us immediately to help. We reserve the right to cancel, change or decline any membership discount at its sole discretion without giving any reasons. 


We may provide you with the ability to send email invitations via our web-site or via social media web-sites to your friends and family for the purpose of inviting them to join us. You agree to send invitations only to people who know you personally, and not to use this feature to send any content, which is unlawful, abusive or obscene. We may from time to time, at our sole discretion, offer to credit the account of the referring member with a fixed sum for use on our web-site after the first purchase by a person they have referred (“referral credit”). Referral credits are non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Any abuse of this email messaging feature or referral credit system, including for the purpose of manipulating the referral credit system for financial gain, may result in the cancellation of your Toy Fiesta membership and/or the forfeiture of any referral credit on your account.


We endeavor to ensure that all the products on our web-site are accurately described.  Unfortunately, on some occasions it is possible that our web-site will contain errors and we reserve the right to correct any errors or inaccuracies at any time, including after you have placed an order. We endeavor to ensure that all colors are displayed accurately, but you should be aware that colors may appear slightly differently on different displays and screens. 


We aim to update our web-site regularly, and may change content at any time. If the need arises, we may suspend access to our web-site, or close it indefinitely. We will use reasonable endeavours to ensure our web-site contains accurate information and content however, we reserve the right to update our web-site as soon as an inaccuracy or error is brought to our attention.


We use industry standard encryption to keep your personal information secure throughout the payment process. We do not store your credit card or bank information. We will not be liable for any damages or losses (whether direct or indirect) caused if a member’s card is used fraudulently.


The purpose of our Facebook page and our Blog is to provide our fans with inspiration, information on our products, access to special promotions plus the latest goings on at MPN Designs and from our circle of friends. You’re welcome to contribute your own comments, photos & videos. To ensure a positive and respectful environment for everyone, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines when making a contribution: We’re all about great gear for your little ones.  We welcome contributions on this topic. We’ll delete posts that we consider to be off-topic, spam, advertising, offensive, sexually inappropriate, threatening, abusive, hateful, profane or defamatory towards a person, race, ethnicity, entity, belief or symbol. We’re big supporters of lively, open discussion and we don’t shy away from negative feedback from our customers, we simply deal with it in our usual professional, friendly manner. However, we reserve the right to address factual errors or delete posts if we think it appropriate or necessary to do so. We’re happy for our material to be shared (via Facebook’s "share" functionality), but you should not copy our material and post it without attribution, nor use it for commercial purposes or claim it as your own. We support the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, and our Facebook page adheres to relevant Facebook policies. We reserve the right to ban users who don’t abide by these guidelines.